Written and Film Texts
Parents and family members who would like to read the written texts and watch the film texts that we explore in ELA 7 can visit this page each week. Participate in the learning experience of your student and help them grow by asking them questions about the texts below!

Week 1
"The Learning Brain" (link)

Week 2
"Misty Copeland Is Promoted" (link)
"Misty Copeland for Under Armor Women" (link)
"Misty Copeland: I Will What I Want" (link)
"Misty Copeland: Behind the Art of Ballet" (link)

Week 3
"What It Takes to Be Great" (advanced) (link)
"What It Takes to Be Great" (adapted) (link)

Week 4 and Week 5
"Rikki-tikki-tavi" (link)

Week 6
"Three Skeleton Key" (link)
"Amigo Brothers" (link)

Week 7
Essay Writing

Week 8
Essay Writing and Test Prep

Week 9
Benchmark 1