Dress Code


Pupils attending the schools of the Sierra Sands Unified School District will wear clothing appropriate for the promotion of an effective educational program which provides for student safety and health and avoids distraction to the educational process.  A pupil who goes to school without meeting minimum guidelines or without proper attention having been given to personal cleanliness or neatness of dress may be sent home to be properly prepared for school, or shall be required to prepare him/herself for the school room before entering.

1. Revealing or excessively short garments including bare midriffs shall not be worn.  Clothing shall be worn at an appropriate length for sitting, bending, as well as standing.  Appropriate length is defined as that which does not reveal undergarments or the posterior.

2. Articles displaying vulgar words, symbols, pictures, or derogatory remarks or negativism’s which are contrary to a positive educational climate shall not be worn. 

3.  Shoes must have rigid soles and be held in more than one place to stay securely on the foot. Sandals and slippers are not to be worn to school.  Backstraps must be “manufactured” on the shoe.  (Health and Safety Code)

4.  Extremely tight fitting garments, backless halters, and strapless tops or dresses shall not be worn.  *No tank tops, thin blouse straps (i.e. spaghetti straps) or net shirts.

5.  Clothing worn in a manner suggestive of gang affiliation shall not be worn.  This includes clothing with altered logos.  For more information contact the school. 

6.  Hats are discouraged and may not be worn in any building.  They must be worn correctly.

Dresses or blouses which show exposed bras or bra straps are not appropriate for school.  This means spaghetti type straps which do not cover totally.

Exposed or showing of underwear is not allowed, no matter what  kind of outfit is being worn.

*  The above statements are from Sierra Sands Unified  School District Policy #6390.

The normal hierarchy of consequences for violation of appropriate dress:

1. Verbal warning, explanation of rules, and encouragement to comply.

2. Replace inappropriate clothing with P. E. clothes, and/or call home for appropriate articles.

3. Verbal warning and reminding student of what is and isn’t appropriate.

4. Assigned detention.

5. Increased amount of detention time assigned.

6. Parent call/conference. (at any time of the hierarchy of consequences)

7. Additional detention/ school work projects  (i.e. trash detail and/or clean up activities)

8. Suspension from school.

9. Removal from school

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